Tech Wear’s ECONO$HIELD® garment, made of ECX-500 fabric has excellent shielding properties for use in applications where grounding the garment is unnecessary.  Garments made of ECX-500 fabrics meet the requirements of ANSI/ESD STM2.1-2013, Category 2

3 oz per square yard

  • Diamond Blue, White, Black, “Stars & Stripes” pattern
  • Meets normal FR requirements for polyester fabrics.
  • Fabric will not crock or bleed off onto other surfaces.
  • Fabric content 98% polyester and 2% Shakespeare Conductive Fibers, LLC Resistat® fiber (carbon-suffused monofilament nylon), knit in grid pattern.
  • Carbon suffused monofilament nylon is Shakespeare Resistat® fiber is non-flaking and non-sloughing.
  • Surface resistivity of fabric is 106 ohms per square with only slight deterioration noticed after 50 launderings. (To maximum of 109).
  • Static decay rate per 101°C method 5000 volts to 500 in less than 0.1 second.
  • Finish is disperse-dyed heat set. Contains no softeners, hand builders, etc.

450°F, flash point 720°F

Under normal wearing and recommended washing conditions, Tech Wear garments made of ECX-500 material should maintain their usefulness and effectiveness nearly as long as our guaranteed OFX-100 and IVX-400 garments.

Cold or cool wash with commercially-available liquid laundry detergent (ie: liquid Tide, liquid Lemon Dash, liquid Cheer, Oxydol, etc.) DO NOT USE LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENERS or laundry detergents which contain added fabric softeners or bleach. Hang dry or tumble dry at lowest temperature setting. Garment will dry very quickly. Do not allow garment to be exposed to dryer heat longer than necessary to dry garment.


Fabric Carbon Polyester Cotton Fabric Weight Groundable ESDA STM 2.1 Guaranteed Application
OFX-100 13% 87% 2.3oz/yd2 YES Category 3
100 washes
For grounding person and garment when used in conjunction with ESD cuffs or Key Option. Lightweight comfort and excellent ESD performance
IVX-400 7% 93% 4.0 oz/yd2 YES Category 3
100 washes
For grounding person and garment  when used in conjunction with ESD cuffs or Key Option.   Medium-weight comfort and excellent ESD performance
ECX-500 2% 98% 3.0 oz/yd2 no Category 2 Static shielding garment in continuous electrical path with a person; however, not the primary ground path
Nylostat 1% 65% 34% 5.0 oz/yd2 no Category 1 For use in heavy soil & solder. Electrical field suppression properties