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Tech Wear’s Part Numbers Explained

October 28th, 2015|

Each character in the Tech Wear garment part number describes a feature of the ESD garment thus:  See below for each available option: **1st Character – Style** V = V-neck L =Lapel (Traditional) S = Sterling H = Hallmark **2nd Character - Fabric ** O = OFX-100                         I = [...]

Grounding Static Control Garments

November 26th, 2013|

Static control garment performance has improved to the point where garments can now provide an even greater level of protection than wrist straps and be much more efficient. Static control garments have become an important means of controlling static electricity.  Improvements and developments in fabrics and performance functions of the [...]

Proper Wearing of ESD garments

October 11th, 2013|

All snaps on the front of the garment should be snapped to prevent exposure of static generating personal garments to sensitive products. The snap located at the neckline can be left unsnapped for comfort, if it is determined that products will not be exposed to static generating personal garments at [...]